Who is John “Jack” Stromenger?

Vote Stomenger for 67A

I’m a quiet, blue collar worker who loves Saint Paul…especially the East Side. I’m not flashy or loud and outspoken. In fact, you may not even notice me if we passed each other on the sidewalk. I’m o.k. with that. I would rather be the person working hard behind the scenes so you have a brighter future. 

I’ve been working since the age of 14. During my school years, I worked after school. Eventually I grew into working in the Mechanic’s trade. I know the feeling of earning my own money and the pride of having some change in my pocket. My family moved to Minnesota after my high school graduation.

My working experience from High School to retirement is a long story but here’s just a sample of my experience:

Maintenance worker for Rescue Missions in New York City and Richmond, California; Mechanic’s Helper with Rollo Trucking; Fork Lift Driver and Welder for North Shore Packing; Maintenance Ranch Hand for at risk and troubled youth; And other work involving manufacturing, farming, and trucking. I retired after working 27 years with the City of Shoreview in Maintenance.Giving back and being involved in my community has always been important to me. I’ve been volunteering since my 20’s in Gospel Missions and Shelters for Men, Women, and families suffering from housing instability, addiction, and other evils in our society that create poverty and lack of opportunity.

I’ve been a hard worker and dedicated volunteer since I was a young teenager, and I will bring the same dedication to find a solution to the challenges of violence, safety, decline in infrastructure, and education, the very priorities mandated and safeguarded by our state constitution; persistence, team-work and problem-solving skills that I used on the job. You’ll get an experienced worker who will value your hard work AND listen to YOUR emotions. Together, we’ll build the promise of America.

I ask for your vote on November 3rd.

Sincerely, John Stromenger

Stromenger Platform

Protecting Human Rights from Conception to Natural Death

Preserving Constitutional Amendments

Promoting Educational Opportunities for All

Passionate About Ensuring There is Safety and Security for All Communities

One blood

Summary of John M. Perkins Book – One Blood

The Below Summary of John Perkins’ Book Came From the Following Website: https://www.amazon.com/One-Blood-Parting-Words-Church/dp/0802418015

Dr. Perkins’ final manifesto on race, faith, and reconciliation

“We are living in historic times. Not since the civil rights movement of the 60s has our country been this vigorously engaged in the reconciliation conversation. There is a great opportunity right now for culture to change, to be a more perfect union. However, it cannot be done without the church, because the faith of the people is more powerful than any law, government can enact.

The church is the heart and moral compass of a nation. To turn a country away from God, you must sideline the church. To turn a nation to God, the church must turn first. Racism won’t end in America until the church is reconciled first. Then—and only then—can it spiritually and morally lead the way.

Dr. John M. Perkins is a leading civil rights activist today. He grew up in a Mississippi sharecropping family, was an early pioneer of the civil rights movement, and has dedicated his life to the cause of racial equality. In his crowning work, Dr. Perkins speaks honestly to the church about reconciliation, discipleship, and justice… and what it really takes to live out biblical reconciliation.

He offers a call to repentance to both the white church and the black church. He explains how band-aid approaches of the past won’t do. And while applauding these starter efforts, he holds that true reconciliation won’t happen until we get more intentional and relational. True friendships must happen, and on every level. This will take the whole church, not just the pastors and staff.

The racial reconciliation of our churches and nation won’t be done with big campaigns or through mass media. It will come one loving, sacrificial relationship at a time. The gospel and all that it encompasses has always traveled best relationally. We have much to learn from each other and each have unique poverties that can only be filled by one another. The way forward is to become “wounded healers” who bandage each other up as we discover what the family of God really looks like. Real relationships, sacrificial love between actual people, is the way forward. Nothing less will do.” 

Please check out his books on Amazon: One Blood, Let Justice Roll Down, and other books. Perkins is in the model of MLK.

Let’s build something together.

Prepared and Paid for by the John Stromenger for House 67A Committee.