Minneapolis City Council Are Complaining About Crime Rate

Minneapolis City Council Members asking the Police Chief what he plans to do about the rise in crime. Only one of them briefly mentioned what can we do to help. THEY ALL should have been saying, “WHAT CAN I DO TO HELP OR PARTNER WITH YOU.”

The Chief’s responses are not included but can be found on the Minneapolis city’s website.

Excerpts from September 15th City Council Meeting (23 min)

“Attached is the most fascinating 23 minutes of video I have seen in the past year. The same Minneapolis City Council who voted to dismantle their police department is now demanding to know what the Police Chief is doing to address dramatic increases in crime. Please watch these excerpts from their September 15th meeting as the council members voice the crime concerns of their constituents and ask the Police Chief for more protection. I promise – you will be glad you watched. Because of time, the Chief’s responses are not included but can be found on the city’s website. Lets make sure St. Paul doesn’t make the same mistakes as Minneapolis. Don’t miss the part where Vice President Andrea Jenkins says that residents are being extorted to ‘pay to get out of their alleys’ and that she sees young men walking around with ‘automatic machine guns’.”

~ Sheriff Bob Fletcher

Crime Rates Increase when the police don’t have the support of City Leadership. Why? Because the perpetrators causing the crime know they’ll get away with it because the Leadership wants to be soft on crime.

What do I mean by soft on crime? Leadership wants less arrests and of those arrested, to have city and county prosecutors to drop or reduce charges.

Why are there a lack of resources? Cops quit, retire early, or medical out when they don’t feel supported by Leadership.

Same happens in the private sector. Why would anyone want to go to work for an organization when you are belittled, devalued, and degraded by Leadership.

Adding to the lack of resources issue, when budget cuts happen, this prevents the department from replacing officers who left the job. So there are less officers to respond to calls or respond timely to calls.

Then add to the problem by having jersey walls blocking off a 4 block radius of a neighborhood making it hard to respond to calls, let alone patrol.

Barricades at George Floyd memorial autonomous zone in Minneapolis

Minneapolis and Saint Paul: Stop asking the police, “what are you going to do about the crime?” Start asking, “how can we help you or how can we partner with you on solving the increased rates in violent crime?”

October 2nd 2020

If you would like to watch the full 2 hours with the Chief’s responses, you can do so here.

Full 2 Hour Meeting

Police say ‘autonomous zone’ blocked emergency response to brutal assault; citizens’ group disagrees


Business Owner “Dan” Beaten in Autonomous Zone
August 3rd 2020: What George Floyd Square Looks Like

The Demands By the Autonomous Zone Organizers Before They Open Up the streets

Organizers at the George Floyd Memorial Square declared their intent to defend the square from planned eviction and revealed their “justice resolution” with 24 demands during a Saturday press conference.

Minneapolis discusses options for barricaded ‘autonomous zone’


News Story Below is by Jay Kolls KSTP
October 01, 2020 10:26 PM

The Minneapolis Public Works Department held a virtual open house Thursday night to discuss options for slowly starting to reopen barricaded areas between 37th and 39th streets and Columbus and Elliot avenues.

The area surrounds the George Floyd Memorial near the location where Floyd died while in police custody in late May. Concrete barricades and other movable barriers went up about a week after Floyd died, and some business owners and residents have expressed concerns over what they said was an increase in violent crime in and around the zone, along with delayed response from police because of the barricades.

Alexander Kato is a traffic planner with the Minneapolis Public Works Department, and he told residents attending the virtual open house that there are several traffic options the city is exploring and there will be public comment, city council committee hearings and more community input before any of the options are finalized.

Minneapolis discusses options for barricaded 'autonomous zone'

Photo Credit: KSTP

‘There is not a definitive timetable for starting to remove the barricades, and there is no date set for their permanent removal,” Kato said. “Right now, these are interim options we are looking at and public comment will go through Oct. 6.’

The city is looking at several options, each of which would reroute traffic in and around the four-block zone. One plan would create one-way traffic on a portion of Chicago Avenue.

‘We know that public safety is also a very key component to all of this, and we will continue to talk with all of the stakeholders about that issue,’ Kato said. ‘I know the city is talking with people who live and work here and with a group that’s working down here, and those talks are still ongoing.’ “

Barricades at George Floyd memorial autonomous zone in Minneapolis
Barricades at George Floyd memorial autonomous zone in Minneapolis
Barricades at George Floyd memorial autonomous zone in Minneapolis